Top Skincare Tips

Today I will tell you six simple, natural, effective ways to get your skincare products to work very best for you.

Layer Skincare Products

Layer SkinCare Products

Go in order with your skincare products. This is another super important thing to remember to get the best and most useful results out of your skin care. You always want to layer from lightest to thickest first. Your serums are going to go on first, followed by any gels, followed by any moisturizers, and then sunscreens should be the last thing you put on. It’s essential to remember because serums are going to penetrate the deepest into your skin, so you want to get them on first. Layering your skin care is super important to be able to get the most benefits out of your skincare products

Apply Skincare Products to Damp Skin

Wet skin acts like a sponge, and it absorbs very quickly anything that is put onto it. Now, I’m talking about damp skin and not soaking wet skin. But after you wash your face and you pat dry your skin, that is the best time to start working with your skincare products and putting on your treatments and your serums because that is going even to make them penetrate more because your skin is still damp and it’s just quickly absorbing everything you put on it.

Wash Your Skin with Warm Water

When you wash your face with warm water versus cold water, you’re actually making the blood vessels and the pores dialing on your skin, which is, in turn, going to allow the product to absorb quicker and better into your skin and get deeper into your skin; and then with cold water that kind of shrinks and closes up the skin.

Top Off Your Skincare

What that means is when you’re working with serums, and you are again layering your skin care, top it off with a moisturizer or a cream type of product at the very end. This is going to lock everything in that you just put on. All those serums, all those hyaluronic acids that you put on first, are just going to get locked into your skin and much better if you layer a moisturizer on top.

Apply Retinol at Night

This is important because at night your body temperature naturally rises slightly, so everything that you put on at night is going to slightly penetrate and absorb better naturally into your skin. To begin with, you want to wear your retinades at night. During the day they weaken in the sun. You want to make sure your retinas are used at night. So that goes the same for all other skincare products you use at night: with greater warmth and blood vessel violation it comes better penetration.

Don’t Forget Your Serums

Serums are the most important thing for anti-aging skincare. A serum is a concentrated product of an active ingredient. It’s going to penetrate very quickly; it’s going to penetrate the deepest into your skin. A moisturizer sits on the top of the skin, some of that moisturizer will seep into the skin cells, but a serum is designed to get the deepest and the furthest into your skin. If you’re going to invest in one anti-aging product, make it a serum.

Combine Your Skincare Products Correctly

There are some things in skincare that just are meant to go together; they just are a dynamic duo when they just work off one another. Some things that I’m talking about are sunscreens and antioxidants. Those two are like married partners. The sunscreen will help protect against the UVA and UVB rays while the antioxidants neutralize the free radicals surrounding us every single day. So with using an antioxidant and a sunscreen every single day, you are getting the absolute best protection against everything surrounding and damaging our skin every single day. As well as certain products like a hydroquinone and a retinade that is like a duo right there made in heaven. A lot of times people will use those together. I do as well. It is just another duo of skincare that is made to work and feed off one another. Now, that doesn’t mean you have to use a hydroquinone oil with a retinade. You can use a retinade by itself; you can use a hydroquinone by itself. ┬áBut a lot of people will put those two parts together to decrease some damage and melasma on the skin. They just work very effectively combined with each other. So there are benefits of combining individual skin care.